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Liquid Egg Whites

Imagine yourself in a world where your favorite foods were low fat and high in protein.  A world where you could eat some of the most delicious meals you ever tasted, and they were actually good for you.  Well this dream is a reality for many, you just have to learn their secret, and it might be quite a surprise.  You see, eggs, and more specifically egg whites, are known by many across the world as one of the most versatile foods readily available to everyone.  Why, however, do most people have no idea of the many things they can do with eggs?  This is what I set out to look into.

Wet?  You Bet!

The concept seems so simple.  Eggs are available at every grocery store, every farmers market, and even at most gas stations.  If you were to grab a fresh egg and crack it open, what would happen?  Well it would spill everywhere and make a mess.  Something about this process must have led people to believe that the only thing they should do to these wonderful delights is throw them onto some heat and solidify them.

Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with cooked eggs necessarily.  What I am saying is that people seem to think that the egg in its most natural liquid form is some form of food that should be avoided.  However they could not be more wrong!  In fact, many scientists believe that cooking the egg actually kills a large number of the beneficial nutrients that are in eggs naturally in their raw form.

So What am I Suggesting?

Look, I have been around enough people to know that the thought of eating eggs in their purest, rawest, wettest form is not going to be readily suggested.  So that’s not what I am saying.  In fact, I am not even interested in the entire egg!  What I am interested in are the egg whites.  And not just any old raw egg whites.  I go for pure liquid egg whites that are not raw, that are pasteurized, salmonella tested, and USDA & Kosher approved.  And the specific liquid egg whites that I drink are double filtered and closely resemble milk in consistency.  THAT is what I am suggesting!

Have I Got Your Attention Yet?

Okay, great you say.  We have this super duper egg white liquid that is smooth, safe, and basically a gift from God.  So I guess you suppose I’m telling you to grab some of this stuff and chug it down?  Besides, we are still talking about eggs, so it’s not like there is much to do with this stuff.  Right?  WRONG!  Liquid egg whites are seriously the most versatile ingredient I have ever come across in all my years of “healthy eating”, as well as in my few moments of culinary weakness!

Imagine that fruit smoothie you make every morning trying to lose weight.  You know that all those strawberries and bananas really need some protein to balance out all the carbs, but you like the smoothie’s taste as it is!  You refuse to ruin your morning sweetness!  Picture this: 8 ounces of liquid egg whites added to that smoothie, and the only difference you will taste is that it is a lot creamier than ever before.  Oh yeah, you can’t forget the additional 26 grams of protein and ZERO grams of fat that comes along with it.  And if you didn’t know, protein plays a huge role in losing fat in addition to building muscle.  That boring  smoothie just turned into a creamy shake drink that is more delicious and, guess what?  Healthier too!

Sounds Like a Raw Deal

So you’re not convinced?  I know, I can hear you now.  You have heard stories about raw eggs being unhealthy.  You saw everything I said about pasteurized, tested, USDA approved.  But you must have missed the part where I told you these eggs are NOT raw!  The body cannot completely digest raw eggs, so I would never suggest someone drink straight from the shell.  But I also would not suggest you cook them, unless you just like to destroy protein that could be used by your body for such great things!

The egg whites I buy are pasteurized through a precise heating process that does just the right amount of killing any potential harmful elements, without messing with my beloved protein.  From there, they are shipped to my door like clockwork, where I can keep them in the refrigerator for four months, and can freeze them for even longer.  And as far as what I do with them?  Well just take a look around the site and see some of my favorite suggestions.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m not shy about sharing!

Want To Get Your Hands On This Liquid Protein Deliciousness?

Egg Whites International

I figured you would ask that.  But let me first give a few words of advice.  These egg whites are only good if you actually eat them.  Now sure, you can use them in cooked food to make recipes that taste the same but are much healthier.  And in fact I have recipes on this site that suggest just that.  But to really get your money’s worth you need to take my advice and start using them in your protein shakes or smoothies.  That is where the magic is at, and that is what I hope you get out of these as well.

So I like to ramble on, and for that I apologize.  But let me assure you that I have tried my fare share of eggs and egg substitutes, especially the stink smelly bad tasting junk they sell at the supermarket.  And I want you to know that nothing compares to Egg Whites International, and their liquid egg whites.  Tasteless, odorless, and packed with healthy nutrients not available in any other food.  I encourage you to check out my recipes, read more about the health benefits, or check out some of the testimonials.  However I do have a personal favorite testimonial that I hope you will take the time to read by Clicking Here.

This is the kind of product that you can’t drive around the corner to pick up right away, and you might not have any close friends who you know of that are using it right now, but as dietary knowledge increases and the word has gotten out about pure liquid egg whites, it won’t be long until both of those things change.

If you are looking to try something new in your diet for whatever the reason might be, this could just be the best option.

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